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Helping Hands of Ohio is a Residential Care Agency founded under the direction of Sasha Clayborne on June of 2017. The agenda was to create a safe haven for individuals with developmental disabilities and elderly’s after witnessing mistreatment from other providers that care for her own family members and love ones. “The goal is to allow families and love ones to feel confident and at ease that their love one are safe, happy and are receiving quality care”. This program is based off empathy, and being able to understand our individual’s daily struggles and creating a unique plan to allow them to enjoy the quality of life in confidence. Our team strives for our patience’s to experience a social life, create positive memories, and maintaining independence while having fun!


Our purpose at Helping Hands of Ohio is to enhance the quality of life for our community’s most vulnerable members by providing a diverse range of expert, compassionate, thorough, and transformative care, transportation, and adult day support services.


We aspire to be the premier social support services provider in Ohio – a haven of quality care with love, gratitude and kindness focused on uplifting the vulnerable members of our community by building relationships, promoting equality, and contributing to the development of a humane, progressive, and prosperous society.

Our Core Values


We look at how we conduct business in a very specific way. EVERYTHING that we do is bigger than we are. What do I mean by this? Well, we don’t show up to work everyday just for ourselves. We show up to accomplish the things that will make our team more impactful and our clients’ lives more meaningful, and to chase our potential so that we can achieve our personal, professional, and financial goals. Having an inspirational mindset helps make that possible.


HHoH is a vocal advocate for the creation and implementation of policies that give everyone in the community a fair chance at accessing and taking advantage of the resources and opportunities available to create better lives for themselves and their loved ones.


We are committed to adhering to the highest standards of ethicality, respect, morality, transparency, and compliance in all our interactions and operations so that we can remain agents of positive change in the communities we serve.

Quality– We strive to always provide the best services and solutions that significantly improve the daily lives of our clients and their loved ones.


We believe strongly in working together towards a common objective, which is being a ray of hope for those in our communities that require our help the most. We work together to correct, coach, and motivate our team members. We focus on the SOLUTION, not the problem. We are an organization that has big goals all around the board. Lack of communication can result in failure to achieve our goals. To prevent this from happening, our team has transparency across multiple departments and our organization so that we can prioritize the work we do to get closer to achieving our goals.


All our services are geared towards maintaining or contributing to the significant improvement of the physical, emotional, social, and mental well-being of our clients and their loved ones so they can live happy, healthy, and productive lives.

Growth & Development​

HHoH is committed to creating an environment that promotes the personal advancement of everyone involved in our operations – from employees and volunteers to clients and their loved ones – ensuring everyone realizes their potential and works towards being a better version of themselves. We are all in alignment about our goals, opportunities, and personal development, we can all win.  Our teams, our clients, and our entire organization is poised to win when we approach our business with an aligned mindset.


We view the building of strong, sincere, long-term bonds between our staff, clients, and their loved ones as an invaluable asset in ensuring that the vulnerable people we work with receive the love, care, and attention they need to overcome the challenges they face every day and thrive.

Compassionate Care

At HHoH, we believe that being humane and showing kindness to those that need it most is one of the most essential qualities of any functioning society. With this in mind, we are committed to helping our clients navigate through the difficulties they face in their daily lives with the utmost attention, dedication, and willingness to maintain their dignity and self-worth.


We firmly believe that to provide the most effective and impactful services, every member of our team needs to possess the necessary skills, experience, and motivation to work well with a diverse clientele and make a positive change in their lives.

Meet the Team!


Rosenda Ribas

Support Coordinator


Tracy Haynes

Mentor and MUI Compliance Manager


Sasha Clayborne

Director of Services


Dominique Savage

Human Resources

We have an opening, You can apply to join the team today!


As Founder of Helping Hands of Ohio I certainly believe that if we paint a spot in the hearts of people across the communities by providing them with the best support available, the prospects for mutual growth will be boundless regardless of how tough the environment. For us, the perfect way is by having you involved. That is why we always effort very closely with our clients while conveying support, guaranteeing that those in need get precisely what they are looking for within their level of calm and comfort. Today, we persist to be as energetic about this as we did the very first day as there is yet a lot to be done and achieve together. We should inspire the changes we need to see and be the change ourselves. I surely could not want anything more than to make this promise that I and Helping Hands of Ohio will go the extra mile to outdo your expectations. Your trust has made Helping Hands of Ohio into what it is today, and I hope that such enthusiasm stays nearby.

Yours Sincerely,

Sasha D.Clayborne

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