Helping Hands of Ohio 

the growing provider for residential home care & day program services

About Helping Hands of Ohio


Helping Hands of Ohio has been operating since July of 2017. Our great service has lead us to provide over 15 clients within the first year as a small agency provider. Our staff are required to complete a thorough background check, drug test, work experience history, and mental evaluation so that we are determined to provide the best and safest care for you and/or your loved ones. As we continue to grow, we are learning new and creative ways to provide a service that can assist with coping skills, fine and large motor development, health and fitness and so much more. In the fall of 2019, Helping Hands of Ohio will began operating its new Adult Day Program to add to our list of services. We are excited to work with you and helping a new love one accomplish important goals and reach its full potential!


Building Relationships                    Promoting Equality                       Making A Difference   




At Helping Hands of Ohio, we highly promote the self-worth and dignity of all of our clients. We strive to give each individual the excellent quality of life, making life easier for famiies, and building positive relationships. Our staffs main goal is to make a difference through caring and expert assistance within our community's most vulnerable members.