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Non-Medical Transportation


Medical Appointment Transportation Services

Our transportation services offer reliable solutions for medical appointments, such as doctor visits, hospital discharges, and dialysis appointments. Our trained drivers are equipped with the necessary resources and knowledge to safely transport individuals to and from their medical appointments, ensuring that they arrive on time and are able to receive the medical care they need. Our vehicles are designed to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges, including wheelchair and stretcher transportation services. By providing medical appointment transportation services, we aim to support individuals in maintaining their health and wellness, and to reduce any barriers they may face in accessing medical care.


Non-Medical Transportation Services for ADS Program and Community Events

In addition to medical appointment transportation services, we also provide transportation services for our Adult Day Services (ADS) program on weekdays, ensuring that individuals who require additional support and care can safely and easily access our programs. We also offer weekly community events, such as trips to the zoo, sporting events, malls, and movies. These outings provide opportunities for socialization, community engagement, and entertainment, all while promoting independence and autonomy. Our transportation services ensure that individuals are able to safely and conveniently attend these events, reducing any logistical barriers that may otherwise prevent them from participating.


Benefits of Our Transportation Services

Our transportation services provide numerous benefits to our clients and their families. By offering safe and reliable transportation solutions, we enable individuals to maintain their independence, participate in social activities, and access necessary medical care. Our transportation services also provide peace of mind to families and caregivers, knowing that their loved ones are receiving safe and professional transportation from trained drivers. Overall, our transportation services are an essential component of our assisted care agency, and we are committed to providing the highest level of service and care to all of our clients.

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