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Our Services

The goal is to allow families and loved ones to feel confident and at ease that their love one are safe, happy and are receiving quality care. It's important to prioritize the needs of those who may be in vulnerable situations, and by offering a diverse range of services.

Community Integrity

Involving our clients in the community brings a positive impact to their lives. It is important for us to allow them to see what our community has to offer as well as increase  their sense of belonging and reduces feelings of isolation. Consistent community engagement builds confidence and teaches social behavior if done consistently. We ensure daily a positive learning experience is being implemented to our program!


Adult Day Services

Our Adult day Service Includes:

  • Social Activities

  • Transportation

  • Healthy Snacks

  • Therapeutic Activities

  • Mentor Program

  • Community Involvement and Participation

  • Personal Care

Residential Home Care Services

Our home care aides are highly trained professionals who provide assistance with daily living activities to ensure our clients' comfort, convenience, health, and safety in the comfort of their own homes.
Doctor Examining Patient

Medical Assistance

Medical assistance refers to the help and support provided to individuals who require medical attention.  The goal of medical assistance is to ensure that patients receive the care they need to maintain their health and well-being.

Non- Medical Transportation

Helping Hands of Ohio and our HPC services includes and provides a safe, reliable and friendly transportation solution.

White Minibuses

Mentor Program

Our qualified Behavior Health Professional focuses on supporting individuals with extreme physical and mental behaviors. They create and communicate safe methods to limit incidents and keep clients with physical and verbal challenges safe.

Our Internal Programs

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