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Community Integrity

Involving our clients in the community brings a positive impact to their lives

Involving our clients in the community brings a positive impact to their lives. It is important for us to allow them to see what our community has to offer as well as increase  their sense of belonging and reduces feelings of isolation. Consistent community engagement builds confidence and teaches social behavior if done consistently. We ensure daily a positive learning experience is being implemented to our program!

Furthermore, community involvement promotes physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Participating in outdoor activities or events such as walks and runs can help improve physical health and well-being. Socializing with others who have similar interests can also foster friendships and connections, which can lead to long-term support systems for our clients.


Overall, community involvement is an essential aspect of our clients' lives. We strive to create opportunities for them to engage with the community, learn new skills and gain confidence, and improve their overall well-being.

Some events for our clients partake in include:

  • community parades

  • Vacations such as Kalahari or Cedar Point

  • Volunteering

  • Shopping

  • Dance Party’s

  • Every Sunday, clients are transported to a church service in the community, or a positive gathering followed by a group sit in buffet restaurant.

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